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Emily Rudman

He has the absolute sweetest office personnel of all time and he gave me great care for my ingrown toenail. I would absolutely not hesitate to use this office if you are looking for a podiatrist!

Barbara Sheehy

I would highly recommend this doctor. Very nice and answered all questions. The office staff was outstanding.

Briana Hathaway Brooks

Dr. Slomsky is absolutely amazing. If you have any foot problems I suggest you give this office a call! He will get you taken care of you. If he's not available the other Doctors here are just as amazing. This was my 1st time seeing a foot doctor and I'm so glad I chose this office. All the staff here are so nice and helpful. They genuinely care about you. Season and pam are so awesome. I'm extremely happy with my overall care.

Candy Phillips

I absolutely love Dr. Slomsky! He is one doctor that really cares about his patients. He is down to earth and one of the nicest doctors I have ever been a patient of. He listens instead of doing all the talking like some doctors do. If you have foot or ankle issues I highly recommend Dr. Slomsky! He is absolutely the best!

John Ren

I had a lot anxiety for the bone spur removal before the surgery, after initial consultation with Dr. Feldner, he did x-ray on the foot, and located the bone spur, then discussed the options, and he suggest to do the surgery to remove my bone spur, I was doubting myself but I can just look at the doctor straight in his eye and know I can just trust him, not anybody else giving me the anxiety. And the surgery went very smooth in St Ann hospital, and I felt minimum pain on the next few days. My friends are all surprised to see me walk and play again right after surgery. No crutch and pain medicine necessary. Thank you, Doctor Felner.

Jeanne Milford

After having surgery for a trimalleolar fracture, I was still in constant pain and could barely walk 6 months later. The original surgeon and his partner said I would just have to deal with it and hope that it got better with time. I asked if I was a candidate for removal of the hardware that was in my ankle since my bones were completely healed, and they both said that would not help. I finally asked my primary for a recommendation for a podiatrist thinking maybe inserts or something different would help. They recommended Dr. Feldner who immediately said that the hardware needed to come out since it was the source of my pain. So, 11 months after my surgery, Dr. Feldner removed all of the hardware. It has been two weeks since the removal and the only pain I have are from the incisions, and each day that pain is subsiding. I am so thrilled that I found a doctor that understood my pain. I highly recommend Dr. Feldner. He and his staff are attentive and genuinely cared about my well-being. Thank you Dr. Feldner for giving my life back. I am an avid walker and bicyclist and I can’t wait to get back on the trails!

Joshua Knack

I went to see Dr. Foster for an ingrown toenail. Dr. Foster and the staff there were very knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly during the whole process. I would highly recommend Dr. Foster to anyone that needed for care!

Erica Wogan

There are honestly enough stars on here for me to give the proper review. I called to schedule an appointment for my 71 yr old dad and they got him right in and fitted for the correct shoes, with his diabetes and getting older he walks a lot and had lots of pain in his feet. The staff and the Dr. here are absolutely amazing I couldn't have found a better place. They treat you like family making you feel so relaxed and comfortable. Thank you Season and All staff and Doctors.

Marilyn Vangieson

If there is a friendlier staff anywhere, I'd like to know where. From the time you enter till the time you leave, you are comfortable in that office. Dr. Feldner has a wonderful "bedside manner" and took care of my ailment with great care and concern. I would recommend this practice to everyone and feel lucky that my primary care Dr. referred me to them.

J Willy

I haven't been to Dr. Slomsky in about 8 years. He's still awesome - just a little grayer! He is a miracle worker. Wonderful front office too.

Sheila Kurtz

After my 4th attempt at finding a foot doctor, who would listen to my issues, I found The Best! Dr. Foster, along with THE entire team has been a God Send! They take the time to listen and explain things like nobody else!! I highly recommend them to anyone who needs foot care.

Tabitha Brown

I have been going to see Dr. Felder in his Westerville office for many years. He has done multiple surgeries on my ankles and has done a wonderful job. Also, he is very thorough he explains everything he is going to do. And he tries different options before wanting to do surgery unless there are no options. Also, the post-op care from his office has been amazing. Love his Secretary Season and his nurse Tina they make you feel very welcome when you enter the office. Yes I know there are other foot specialists out there but I chose Dr. Felder's office and I don't have any regrets. I don't ever leave there not knowing what's going on... He is my Number 1 doctor!

Andrew McFall

Recently I had a debilitating foot injury and throughout my recovery, the care given by Dr. Feldner and his staff at Comprehensive Foot Care has been absolutely top-notch. The staff at this facility are so friendly and really have a way of putting you at ease on your way in and making you feel at home. Should I need the care of a podiatrist again, I will very much choose this office again.


I want to take a moment to highly recommend Central Ohio Comprehensive Foot Care in Westerville and Delaware, Ohio, Doctor James Foster, and Staff. I started seeing Dr. Foster in September 2021 for a worsening developed issue with one of the joints in my toe. Dr. Foster from the beginning was very professional, knowledgeable, and a “people person”. He listened and answered my questions, gave advice, and was never in a rush. Dr. Foster was very precise and detailed with regard to communicating to me what was happening within my toe joint. Preventative surgical treatments were first explored to help with my discomfort to include an orthotic insert which was molded in the Office for me and then Corticosteroid injections. Although I did get relief and was happy with these first treatment options, it didn’t last too long. The decision was made after X-Rays and an MRI to move forward with a Surgical Fusion of the joint which I had toward the end of December 2021. My surgery was completed, and the joint fused and was successful. Dr. Foster has great attention to detail and laid out a post-operative protocol for me to follow. I was very surprised that I only had any real discomfort for about 3 days. After the third post-op day, I was off the pain medication, and on Tylenol and the swelling started to diminish fairly quickly. My surgical area is healing very nicely, and I’m 100% completely satisfied. I also want to compliment the Staff at both the Westerville and Delaware Offices. All are very nice, courteous, and professional. My phone calls were always returned, appointment reminders made, and I never waited more than 10 minutes in the lobby to be called back to a room. Thank you, Jeff Vandeborne.

Andrew McFall

Recently I had a debilitating foot injury and throughout my recovery, the care given by Dr. Feldner and his staff at Comprehensive Foot Care has been absolutely top-notch. The staff at this facility are so friendly and really have a way of putting you at ease on your way in and making you feel at home. Should I need the care of a podiatrist again, I will very much choose this office again.

KD Hay

Doctor and his staff are AMAZING!!! They always get me out of pain and get me in right away. I refuse to go anywhere else.

Jennifer Conley

After going to another foot doctor in Delaware - I found this Foot Care specialist that fix the problem from the other place I took my son to. Thanks for the help!

Makala Daniel

Had a wonderful experience with Dr. Feldner. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions. He had me back to work in no time. Highly recommend it, and great staff as well.

Kelley Rees

Dr. Feldner and his staff were amazing! Very friendly, caring, and punctual. Everything went smoothly from start to finish. Highly recommend it!

Dawn Sampson

Dr. Slomsky has been very caring and very knowledgeable with my family's foot care. We would absolutely recommend him to others.

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